Chiniot Furniture Renowned Worldwide

Chiniot Furniture Renowned Worldwide

Chiniot, which is the world’s oldest city, is renowned worldwide for its furniture. The residence was one of the essential necessities of human life from the very first day of civilization. Humans felt the need to live in shielding himself from seasonal beasts and cruelties etc. He used to seek safety in trees and caves. The man felt he was creating a secure residence with the passing of time and human mind development where he would be able to live in peace and safety. He built wooden and grass homes such as cottages etc. Constructed the homes made of stones and bricks through and through. He then felt like decorating his home and decorating it. As it is the man’s desire to make himself more popular than others, he made efforts to develop the housing style in case he furnished his home.

History of Chiniot City

The Holy Book of Hinduism includes some descriptions of Chiniot, as quoted by Bilal Zubairi. Chiniot was famous for its numerous characteristics that are mentioned in Rag-Veda, a Holy Book of Hinduism. The great deeds of Chinioties are of importance and significance in the modern past. One of Chiniot’s best qualities is its work on furniture, which began two hundred years ago, and it is the same period that carving on wooden furniture began in Chiniot too. It contains numerous styles of wooden furniture work, carving, embossing, wooden inlay, and polishing, etc. Chiniot leads Pakistan today and making worth around the world. Carving on furniture has been regularly started which can be found not only in Chiniot but also in several other countries around the world. Individuals used to go to Chiniot to buy furniture. The English also visited Chiniot and from here they bought carved furniture to the UK, America, UAE, and other European countries. Even the Chiniot furniture pieces were used as gifts. These Chinioti furniture pieces were sent to other countries by the English officers as a token of friendship. Thus, Chiniot became internationally popular for its furniture. Chiniot’s furniture success knew no bounds.

Reason: Why Chiniot is so Famous

Chiniot is the historic town in the heart of Punjab, renowned for the design and quality of its peerless furniture. Here you will find the antique designs of the real art of furniture created by the Chiniot. You will experience quality furniture from around the world. Here you can find all the items from Wood Valley.

  • Luxury Bedrooms
  • Sofas
  • Royal chairs
  • Deewan
  • Dining Tables
  • Handicrafts
  • Jharokha
  • Centre Set
  • Rocking Chair
  • Chester
  • Swing Jhoola

And everything that may exist in the furniture planet.

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