Pakistan,s Best Handicrafts

Pakistan,s Best Handicrafts

Pakistan has a rich and varied tradition of handicrafts. Much of Pakistan’s heritage of timeless handicrafts has survived across centuries. Pakistani culture’s legacy promises all- elegance, integrity, shape, and style. Each city has its own specialty in handicrafts ranging from cloth, thread, embroidery, to jewellery, carving, mirroring, and other handicrafts. — paint, style, design, and motif carries with it a unique symbol representing the culture of that area and building on indigenous abilities of the people.

The immense magic created by Pakistani hands can be seen from the timeless art of sparkling semi-precious jewellery, exquisite furniture, vibrant toys and dolls, stunning paintings, and enthralling sculptures. Pakistan’s handicrafts are precious stones in the crown of Pakistan’s culture and heritage. Whether it is intricately decorated metal crafts or some marvellous marble inlay work or some exquisite paintings, Pakistan’s handicrafts take places with their ethnic designs and rich textures.

Time bears witness to the evolution of art and craft as civilization evolved from cave to modern cities, and now Pakistani craft is an integral part of Pakistani society, leaving the whole world astounded and itching for more.

For Pakistani craftsmen, wood, metal, marble, clothing, clay were canvasses for their imagination — happiness had to be crafted out of chaos, and sometimes imagination was the only outlet, so the brave craftsmen of Pakistan’s deserts and mountains painted tiles, crafted marble, turned wooden cupboards and moulded brass into children’s toys, and beat copper into their daughter’s wedding utensils. In certain places, the village itself is related to art, whether its wood carving style or rugs or embroidery or metalwork or blue pottery, which has been going on for generations — teaching from father to son or from mother to daughter.

Wood Carving was inspired by the elaborate Mughal architecture; brave artisans working in small cities are still creating furniture pieces fit for a king in places like Chiniot and Sargodha. Special handmade decoration items include:

  • Wall hangings
  • Vases
  • Ashtrays
  • Floor mats
  • Wall clocks and much more

The oriental rugs and knotted carpets in Pakistan are, to a large extent, magnificent and popular in their own fashion, derived from Sindh. Camel lamps are exceptional in appearance as they are made of camel skin and the most beautiful handicraft in Multan. Blue pottery or ‘Kashi’ is an ancient pottery form that is also produced in Multan and is considered ethnic since it is centuries old. Hand-carved mirrors and antique wood carvings give us a glimpse of our heritage, making them more precious.

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