AMELIE LOVE SEAT ( 21-0001 )


A graceful bench with tapered legs featuring a beautifully carved nugget detail along the top of each leg. A gently curved apron perfectly

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The AMELIE LOVE SEAT is a wonderful little travel stool that will make traveling as comfortable and enjoyable. The seat itself is quite small but the comfort is excellent. It is made from high quality leather, which is made to last and is a real beauty. It also has a beautiful buckle on the top which makes the seat really easy to carry around and it can easily be stowed in a luggage compartment. This is a really simple design that can be used to pack a lot of stuff into small spaces. I love this piece of travel furniture because it makes the most of any kind of traveling experience.

When it comes to price, the AMELIE LOVE SEAT will cost you around $170. There are some great online stores that offer this type of stool at much cheaper prices. But if you want a really nice piece of furniture then you need to pay a little more money. You can even get a couple of them for one large purchase. The price is very reasonable for such a quality piece of furniture. Most people who buy these will actually use it every day. So, if you buy one and don’t use it very much then you probably won’t even remember buying it.

The AMELIE LOVE SEAT is designed with two different heights, so that there are no sharp corners. There are four adjustable straps which can be adjusted so that you can either sit with your legs up or down. The back of the stool can swivel out to either side so that you can get a comfortable view of the scenery. This makes it a great travel stool for many people and is a great addition to any travel wardrobe.


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