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If you are looking for a unique looking WOODEN ASHTRAY WITH BRASS form with metal inserts then look no further than the Ashtrays With Brass Inlays. This particular ash tray is perfect for all the outdoor use. Ashtrays with brass inlays are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and those who love to spend time outdoors. This particular type of ash tray also looks stylish and is very functional as well. The beauty of this particular ash tray is that it is easy to store and carry while you are outside, you can use the same ash tray at your office or home too.

WOODEN ASHTRAY WITH BRASS with brass inlays and round brass insert work square Indian metal ash tray for wooden ash trays. Ashtrays with bronze and brass inlays look fantastic for outdoor use. You will love the way this particular ash tray looks and the unique designs you will see on these ash trays, it has become very popular with outdoor enthusiasts. This particular ash tray has four slats which provide ventilation and you will not have to worry about getting ashes in your mouth or nose. It is possible to buy this ash tray in a variety of different colours. For instance, if you want a white ash tray you can choose the white ash tray with bronze and brass insert, however you should be careful with the bronze and brass inserts as there are some very strong metals contained in these types of ash trays so you need to be very cautious and ensure that the ash tray you choose is made from a metal that does not contain a high degree of toxicity.

This ash tray is very versatile, you can use it anywhere. It is easy to carry as it only weighs 4.3 pounds and is easy to store. For all those who love to spend time outdoors, this is the best ash tray for you to purchase. As far as ash trays go, you cannot go wrong with an Ashtrays With Brass Inlays or a Wicker Ashtrays.


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