With a horizontal low oval back, straight arms and metal finish tipped legs, this dining chair is the perfect complement to many styles of

.Price for 2 chair & 1 Table

or 4 interest-free payments of Rs. 11250 (Limit 1500 Rs. - 50000 Rs.)

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FITROVIA CHAIR SET are made with the intention of keeping people comfortable for hours at a time. This is in contrast to a treadmill, which offers little or no resistance and thus allows you to go on for far longer than with a good quality treadmill. So, instead of going around in circles trying to get fit while wearing a poorly designed and uncomfortable pair of trousers, it is better to select a decent pair of FitRovia Chairs that will help you to achieve your fitness goals easily and quickly. Some of the other great features include the fact that FitRovia Chairs offer comfort and the ability to adjust the height, width and angle as well as the overall length of the chair. This helps in reducing muscle fatigue and the discomfort that are associated with walking and running too long.

Another great feature of the FITROVIA CHAIR SET is that the materials used in making them are extremely durable. So, not only will you be able to use this set on a regular basis but also you will be able to enjoy it for many years. Moreover, the chairs are made with the intention of using the best in ergonomic design and materials. This makes it ideal for working out or for any other exercises that you have planned. If you have a low back, the chair may be uncomfortable if you try to bend down because the chair is short enough to allow you to lie down and stretch out properly. However, if you have a high back, you can just simply raise the backrest and you will be able to lie on it like a regular bed. The ergonomic design also allows for adjustable lumbar support, which helps in reducing the strain in your back muscles that results from doing high intensity exercises.

Another great thing about the FitRovia Chairs is that you can use them anywhere in the house. So, even if you are working out at your office and if you are not using a treadmill you can still get the same amount of exercise without having to spend too much money on a gym membership. You do not even have to use any electrical outlets since the chairs are all plug in and can be connected to the power supply of the local power provider. In addition, there is no need to worry about getting a cord which can lead to hazards such as electric shocks and injuries especially if there is electrical activity around.


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