• Beautiful artisan work
  • Hand painting wooden box to keep your cardboard tissue boxes inside or just the hankies themselves Sliding panel on the bottom of the box removes the base completely allowing you to insert the box of tissues easily
  • Great gift after decorated or in condition just like this
  • Hand crafted with pride from chiniot

Dimensions: L-10 x W-5 x D-2.5 Inches

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A Red Painted Tissue Box by Stephen Hsu is one of the great science fiction authors who has made an immense impact on people. I first read this book when I was young and I have to admit, I’m a bit old now and it still holds its place as one of the classics. There are many different kinds of people who read this book; young and old, young at heart and old at heart. It’s one of the classic science fiction novels and it’s one of the most popular books to ever come out from Stephen Hsu. The premise behind the novel is very simple and easy to follow. The main character of the book, the Red Painted Tissue Box is a machine that was created in a laboratory in the 1950s to do the job of taking care of human waste and making it into usable products.

What makes the Red Painted Tissue Box so unique is that they were created by a doctor, and as a result, they don’t get sick. They don’t get infected, or worse, they don’t even get the kind of diseases that humans get from the things that they touch and breathe in. And because they don’t get sick, they can be given whatever they need, like food, clothing, and medical supplies – all without having to worry about them getting sick or infected. This is how Stephen Hsu came up with the idea for his novel, and because of this novel, he became famous throughout the world.

If you haven’t read this book yet, then you should really take a few minutes and check out this novel, because it’s a very interesting book that you might want to read once. It’s also a very well-written novel and I highly recommend reading this book so that you can understand more about this incredible invention and why it was created. Not only will you be able to find a lot of great information about the novel itself, but you’ll also discover a lot about the world and the people who created this incredible invention.


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