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A statue man is a character from the movie The Incredible Hulk, who was built to represent Banner during the Hulk vs. Bruce Lee fight in the climax of the film. Statue Man is a huge and bulky construction, designed to be used as a permanent display in the city of New York City, but it ends up getting destroyed in the end of the film. In the comics, the Statue Man appears several times before being destroyed by the Red Hulk.

Bryan Binder directed the film adaptation of this famous comic, which stars Edward Norton as the Hulk and Cuba Gooding Jr. as the Statue Man. Director Binder also worked with the original comic’s writer Robert Kanigher on the script and co-wrote the screenplay with him. The film also features several of the actors from the series, such as William Sadler, James Russo, and Anthony Hopkins. Several of the comic book’s iconic villains also appear, such as King Cobra, The Abomination, and The Mandarin.

Edward Norton plays Banner, a scientist who was an architect before he became The Hulk, a man who’s immune to bullets and other forms of injury. Norton is an extremely talented actor, and it shows on his big-screen role. When he’s not acting, Norton is busy with movies, and he has a number of them coming out in the near future, including a role in the film adaptation of the hit novel The Martian. Joseph Rudolphs is The Hulk, which is the last name of Edward Norton’s alter ego, and he makes a cameo appearance in one of Norton’s other films. James Russo plays The Abomination, another of the villains in the film, and Anthony Hopkins plays The Mandarin.


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