VIRAGE SOFA 3 SEATER ( 65- 0001 )


A stunning sectional and prestigious four-seater sofa defined by curves, carved scroll arms and scalloped back.

Price Only 3 Seater
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The third in the VIVAGE SOFA series is the VIRAGE SOFA 3 SEATER, which is the latest addition to the series. The new model of this furniture has been developed with the sole purpose of enhancing its functionality. A number of innovations have been made in the third edition of this model so as to make it highly functional and appealing to both the young and old. The third edition features a more sophisticated design that is more like the original furniture that was released two years ago.

This furniture series comes in three different models – the XCIII, II and IV. The XCIII and IV feature their own special features that are useful in their respective environments. The XCIII comes with the additional feature of a foldable seat that can be placed at any place where the users would want to sit down. The seat is made up of durable plastic and this is used to provide extra comfort while the user lies on it. Also, the seat folds easily when it is not in use. This makes the XCIII even more convenient for those who would always prefer to sit in a relaxed ambiance and enjoy the comforts of an air-conditioned environment. It also allows the users to place it in any place they wish, just like the original model.

The other two models of the series that come in different styles are the II and IV. The II model of the VIRAGE SOFA 3 SEATER features a modern and stylish design and comes in various colors. It also comes with a storage space under the seat. Its style is similar to that of the original furniture and the foldable seat can also be placed under the seat in order to save valuable space. The IV on the other hand features the traditional look and comes in colors such as black and white.


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